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106. Tips for transacting New BEd. Curriculum

[Article  posted for  the Kerala University English Teacher Educator’s Forum - KUETEF]

Hello all,

A few members of KUETEF had arrived quite early at  Mar Theophilus Training College on 23 December. While waiting for the commencement of the Workshop, we shared our concerns about the new Curriculum now being implemented.  We soon realized  a few tips  for transacting the new Curriculum,  need to be communicated to the members.  And so as agreed during the Farewell, I am now posting the tips.

Time to commence Micro Teaching

* It is high time we commenced the Micro Teaching sessions.  The components of the different Micro Teaching skills have already been uploaded in  earlier posts of this Blog.

Addressing  expenses of  Videography

A. Perhaps you would have realized by now that  on  an average, each trainees’ video recording would comprise 20 minutes for Micro Teaching (ie; 10 minutes  Teach Phase + 10 minutes for  Re-teach Phase) That means, for each Optional Subject  comprising 15 students, [15 x 20m= 300m] five hours videography  would be essential.

B. Video recording  of a duration of  30 minutes  on an average of  three groups per class is essential for  1.Computer/ICT-based  Lesson
2. Shooting the Video Script
That is,  roughly  three hours videography  for each Optional Subject is essential. 

So time  for videography per Optional Subject,
(A+B)=  5 hrs+ 3 hrs= 8 hours.

Imagine the exorbitant  rate it would incur if  we employ  the services of a professional videographer!  Now, in every college,  there would be  trainees adept at shooting with  a Handicam. They would also be familiar with editing using Windows Movie Maker.

During Micro Teaching, we should make the trainees do the recording  and the editing themselves. This in fact would be an excellent  preparation for shooting and editing, of the Computer/ICT-based lesson and  the Video Script.

Time to prepare for  Shared Practice during  School Visit

*If three trainees choose three different skills {Eg; Skill of  Introduction, Skill of  Explaining and Skill of Questioning} respectively,  and if a  tiny reading  passage is chosen  as common content,  the three Skills  would be appropriate for  the Shared Practice  sessions  during  School visit.

*Alternatively,  trainees can:
1.Choose three other Micro Teaching Skills
2.Focus on  providing  practice in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
3.Teach a Proverb with suitable illustration
4.Teach a grammar item

Teacher Educators should remember that the objective of  the Shared Practice is not  to assess the ability of the trainee to teach,  but to familiarize  themselves with  classroom climate, issues related to classroom management,  learner behaviour and aspects of  classroom communication.

Though the trainees  need not prepare a Lesson  Plan  with the rigidity of  regular  Lesson Plans,  they should have  a Plan for  effectively utilizing the  three classes (40 x 3=120  minutes) 

* Prior to the  Shared Practice, do familiarize the trainees with  classroom conditions  by  making them view video recordings of teaching sessions of  trainees of previous batches. The Video Observation Schedule already uploaded in this Blog may be used to help the trainees grasp the different stages of  each  teaching encounter.

Lesson Plan or Lesson Template?

By ‘Template’, we mean  a pattern generally used as a guide.
A couple of years ago, when Lesson Plans  began to be prepared following the Constructivist paradigm,  Behaviourist  model, 4-Column Lesson Plans  were  dropped. The rationale was that, in a Constructivist classroom, the teacher cannot exactly  predict the nature of  learning or  learner behaviour. So, as per instructions given during Cluster Meetings of  School teachers,  the favoured term was ‘Teaching Manual’. The implication was, that the teacher after  engaging the class makes notes of the effectiveness of the strategies employed and  gets ready for a fresh teaching encounter with a new batch of students.

So, for all practical purposes, let us continue to call the  written material (plan) which the trainees prepare as  LESSON PLAN

Note: It is proposed to uploaded the following  in this Blog shortly :
* Specimen two column Lesson Plans for teaching  a content in Std XI
* Specimen two column Lesson Plans for teaching a content in Std VI/VII
* Specimen  Lesson Plan on Direct Instruction Model

Names of participants  who attended the meeting on 23 December 2013
Mr.Laji Varghese
Mar Theophilus Training College, Nalanchira
Mr. Anoop R.S
KPM BEd.Training College, Ayur
Mr. Lijin V.L.
SN GK BEd College, Pothencode
Dr.Reetha Ravi H.
SN Training College, Nedunganda
Ms.Aswathy T.V.
Jamia Training College, Kollam
Ms.Anila Chacko
St.Thomas Training College, Mukollakal
Ms. Rany G.J.
CSI College of Education, Parassala
Ms.Vijusha V
P.T.M. College of Education, Marutoorkonam
Ms.Manjusha S
KUCTE, Kallambalam
Mr. Prasanth R
KUCTE, Kumarapuram
Ms.Rajna Rajendran
BNV CTE, Thiruvallom
Ms.Raji V R.
KUCTE, Nedumancaud
Mount Tabor Training College, Pathanapuram
GBCTE, Thalassery

Dr.C. Praveen
Former Secretary, KUETEF

105. A Farewell

[Kerala University English Teacher Educator’s Forum - KUETEF]

I had uploaded the  previous four posts (# 101 to 104)   to  call it a day  in  Blogging for  KUETEF as  I was intimated that I would be   relieved of my duties at Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram on 17 December 2013  to take up appointment in the Post Graduate Department of Govt. Brennen College of Teacher Education, Thalassery, affiliated to Kannur University.

So on 17th morning,  I had  sent an email to all those who had attended  previous KUETEF meetings, intimating them of  my transfer. I had also attached   a   specimen  ICT-based Lesson Plan and  essential reference material hoping that  transacting the  new BEd curriculum can be  smooth even in my absence.

Many KUETEF members came to know of my transfer to Thalassery,  only  when they reported for Centralized Valuation.  So those present at the CV Camp,  Ms. Anila Chacko (Treasurer, KUETEF)  and  others decided on a Final Workshop-cum-Farewell Meeting at Mar Theophlus Training College, Nalanchira on 23 December 2013. 

Mr. Laji Varghese, Ms. Anila Chacko, Mr. Jijan, and Dr. Rita Ravi   representing the KUETEF  fraternity   delivered  speeches  to  felicitate and presented  me with  a gift.

In my farewell speech,  I  thanked the  teachers for  being warm and considerate throughout  my association with the  KUETEF fraternity.  I felt that the time is  ripe for  the launch of a  Website for  KUETEF.  So as a tribute, a donation of  Rs.1001/-  was  handed over to the Treasurer, KUETEF for meeting  the expenses for  launching the  Website. And till  the  Website starts functioning smoothly, I shall  fulfil your  request of  posting useful  reference materials in  this Blog.

Thank you all ...

Seasons Greetings   and  Warm  Wishes


Monday, December 16, 2013

104. Specimen Video Script

[Kerala University English Teacher Educator’s Forum - KUETEF]

The guidelines  for Practical Courses in the  BEd. Curriculum (2013-14) - Semester I EDU 101  No. 7 reads:
Script for one video lesson has to be prepared and video recorded as Group Work (3 to 4 students)

Given below is a specimen. 

Video Script
Synopsis: The life of the people along the Coromandel Coast and their link with the sea.
*to  enable students to grasp  the  theme of the poem
*to  highlight the  beauty of nature
*to  develop  an awareness about dignity of labour
Specific objectives:
*to  familiarize students to grasp the  lifestyle of fishermen, their dedication and their attachment with the sea
Medium: Video and Audio (English)
Time: 4mts
Video  /Time
Shot 1 (30 sec)
The silent sea with the boats & the  tides in the Mighty Ocean & then  dawn scene (LS)  

Shot  2 (30 sec)
Fishermen with nets and other
accessories preparing for their onward  journey to sea (MS)

Shot 3 (30 sec)
Setting the catamarans on to the sea (MLS)

Shot 4 (60 sec)
Catching fish in the deep sea                                                                                            (Bird’s eye view shot)

Shot 5 (60 Sec)
The wealth of the sea brought
back by the fishermen to the shore      
& eagles/ birds approaching                                                           
  (CU followed by  MS)

Silence followed by sounds of lashing waves - Fade in chirping of birds      


Song (Kadalinakkare ponore…) 


Voice/noise of people on the shore

Music in background

                                Prepared by
*Ms. Anamika B.S., Lecturer , F.M.T.C., Mylapore
**Ms.  Rajasree S., Lecturer, KUCTE, Kunnam
***Dr. Reetha Ravi H., Asst. Professor, S.N.T.C., Nedunganda, Varkala

103. Micro Lesson Plan and Observation Schedule

[Kerala University English Teacher Educator’s Forum - KUETEF]

The guidelines  for Practical Courses in the  BEd. Curriculum (2013-14) - Semester I EDU 101  No. 4 reads:
Under Microteaching, each student-teacher has to practice at least  one skill with video recording and lesson notes.
Given below is a specimen. 

Micro Lesson Plan

Name :
Skill: Skill of Introduction
Content: Prose passage about a chimp who lives in the city like human beings
Teaching Stage: Teach/Re-teach
Duration: 5-7  minutes

Teaching aids: Chalk Board, Chalk, Duster, Video clip

Teacher activity
Student activity
Component of  skill
Teacher establishes rapport with informal talk

After creating a mental readiness, the teacher asks:
Have you been to the Circus?

Have  you seen animals performing tricks?
Can you recall  them?
Did you see a trainer in the ring?
Did he shout at the lion?

Teacher elicits responses from other  students too by making them recall the things they saw.
Asks probing questions.

Have you seen a chimpanzee ?

Writes on BB ‘Chimpanzee’

Do they perform tricks?
Would you like to see a video clip of a chimpanzee performing  a trick?
Shows short video clip

Asks   a question related to the video clip-
Why did the chimp steal the  banana?

Did you like the chimp?  Well… there is a lesson in your Course Book about a similar smart chimpanzee…Shall we read the passage?

Students respond


Yes.. Lion balancing itself on a huge ball


Yes, sometimes…but they appeared very friendly

Students recall




Views attentively

Responds with interest

Students  take their Course Book… Gets ready to follow the reading of the passage by the teacher

Linking with past experience

Uses the device of questioning

Use of BB

Use of  teaching aid to  introduce the content

Links the video clip to the main part of the lesson

Observation Schedule

Name of Trainee:
Skill: Skill of Introduction
Content: Prose passage about a chimp who lives in the city like human beings
Teaching Stage: Teach/Re-teach
Duration: 5-7  minutes

(Desirable behaviour)

Good / Average/ Poor

Linking with past experience

Link between introduction and main part

Use of devices like


 (Undesirable behaviour)
Not at all / Very often

Absence of continuity


Irrelevant  verbal or non- verbal  behaviour

General observation:   

                                                                   Signature  of observer with date

Posted by
Dr. C. Praveen
Secretary, KUETEF